My New years resolutions

Hello 2017.

Hello world, welcome to A ditzy brunette. This is my new site where i post about anything beauty, lifestyle or food related things, basically i post what ever i feel like. If you followed my other account http://missshortstuff91.blogspot.co.uk/ then come over and follow me here, this is my new page, for my fresh start.

2016 was a fail of a year really for me especially in the form of my blog, i had so many aspirations all through the year but it just never happened, life just kind of got in the way and i couldn’t focus myself enough to make posts for you guys. But this year i’m hoping to change all that, that’s why I’ve started up A ditzy brunette. Now i’m only in the beginning stages of this site so it’s not totally how i want it to be yet but i wanted to get it up and running for the start of this year, so i hope you’ll bare with me.


Shall we get down to the nitty gritty?

A new year means new goals, fresh starts, a new look on life, so what better way to kick start the year and tell you what goals i want to achieve in 2017. I’ve decided i’m not giving myself new years resolutions because like most people i never stick to them, so that’s why i’m sticking with goals.

  • Plan, plan, plan – i’m a terrible planner when it comes to making blog posts so this year im going to try and get ahead of the game
  • Be more organised
  • Make my new site more visually pleasing
  • Take better blog pictures
  • Invest in a decent camera
  • Get my life on track
  • Save up for a deposit on a house
  • Save up to go on holiday
  • Get my skincare regime back on track
  • Take some day trips out with friends or with Kristopher (the boyfriend)
  • Have some weekends away
  • Have some time off from social media throughout the year
  • Read more

These are just some of things i want to achieve off the top of my head this year, i’d love it if you’d follow me on my journey and would be so greatful if you could help keep me on track with my goals, reminding me if i haven’t achieved something yet.

See you guys soon with my next post


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