Top 3 Winter staples


Throughout this Winter I’ve had 3 go to items. 1 being a hand cream, although it hasn’t mattered which particular one, any kind has been a god send because my hands have been so dry, cracked and sore and have needed a real moisture boost. I have found myself reaching for my Zoella one a lot though, mainly because its been in my hand bag and been so handy to have on the go.


Throughout most of this winter you could of found me wearing a scarf, keeping me warm on my ways to and back from work or even just popping out to the shops when its been particularly cold like it was a couple of weeks ago when we reached -3.  This one i got from Primark for 4 pound – absolute bargain!


I have worn my ankle boots probably 3/4 of the time throughout the winter. For some reason I’ve just really been drawn to wearing them instead of my usual Uggs. In September i got a really nice black pair from Dorothy Perkins which I’ve kind of become obsessed with wearing. I’ve found myself planning in my head what i could wear with them and what would and wouldnt work. A bit silly right?


What are your Winter staples?


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