Review: The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

Going out on a whim back in September i decided to try The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing mask. I hadn’t really bought any face masks before that, only the little packet ones that you can get from Superdrug or the supermarkets and to be honest im not keen on them, so i was a bit dubious as to whether i’d get on well with this. But i decided to take the plunge anyway. img_6327


If you suffer with dry and sensitive skin like me then this Winter you need to get your hands on this mask, it has worked absolute wonders on my skin. This is the perfect Sunday night pamper mask. It is a bit messy and sticky so you might wanna tie your hair up, but that’s the only bad thing about it. This mask really nourishes dried out skin (like it says in the name… duhhhh) and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types like me. The rich thick formula really penetrates your skin and leaves it feeling amazingly supple and soft for days.

What is your favourite face mask?



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