Evening skincare routine

Sorry for the lack of post last week. I had every intention of getting something up but when it came down to it i just really wasn’t feeling it. But im back and hopefully will be on a roll again with some posts for you to enjoy.

One of my kind of New years goals was to get my skincare regime back on track and ive definitely done that, I’ve not been lazy and headed for the face wipes or even just left my make up on over night (ewww i know). So i thought i would share with you what products I’ve been using and how I’ve used them.

To take my make up off i use the Sunday Riley blue moon cleanser – Using my middle finger i kind of scoop up a bit of the cleanser and then apply little blobs to my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, then i start to massage that into my skin and i make sure i bring it down my neck aswell. Using a hot damp muslin cloth (the Emma Hardie ones are my fav) i will wipe off the cleanser in circular motions starting from my cheeks. I dont use this on my eyes though i get very cautious when it comes to my eyes.


After I’ve cleansed i will then use the Pixi Glow Tonic to exfoliate my skin – I grab a cotton pad and pour on some of the glow tonic, then i just simply wipe the cotton pad over my face and neck. This acts as a second cleanse for me.

Now for my eye make up (Ok i’m a little naughty here) – I use the Garnier micellar face wipes and gently rub my eyes until my eye make up has all gone.


When my face is all clean and make up free – The Antipodes divine face oil is my first go to. I use 4 drops, one each on my cheeks, one on my chin and nose and one on my forehead. After i apply each drop one by one i massage the oil into my skin in circular motions working from the inside out.


Finally i finish my skincare with the Antipodes avocado pear nourishing night cream – With this you dont need to use a lot, so again i take a little scoop using my middle finger ( by this time it has been washed) and apply 5 little dots, one to my forehead, one to each cheek, my nose and my chin and again with this step i use small circular motions working form inside to the out to massage the moisturiser deep into my skin. This is by far my favourite step as this night cream makes you feel soooo relaxed and calm.

What products do you use in your skincare regime? What kind of regime do you use?




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