Nail polish collection// China Glaze

Searching through my nail polish on a Sunday night  for the right colour is a weekly routine for me. As i was looking through my whole collection i started to notice how much nail polish i actually have and that i have quite a few different brands, so i thought i might do a little series where i show you the different brands i use, my favourite colour out of each brand and do a little review of each brand also.

I’m going to start off with my biggest and i think my  most favourite collection and that’s my China Glaze polishes. I have a lot of different shades in these, some glittery, some light, some colourful, and some darker shades.









I have 15 polishes in total and pretty much love every one – i’m just not too keen on the red glittery one because it doesn’t go on so good. China Glaze have an amazing shade range and whenever i go into Salon Services which is a hair and beauty salon supply shop i have to try sooo hard not to buy the whole collection. I always look at the shade range in there and the shades of other brands too, they have a really good selection of  other polishes too. Depending on what kind of polish you use  (if you use a glittery one it will usually take more coats but be careful) it will only take 2-3 coats to give a good coverage. I can’t narrow it down to one favourite out of my collection but i have got two shades that i really love wearing and that’s ‘Teen Spirit’ – i love that its not quite a blue shade but not quite purple either and i love the fact its glittery too without being too overpowering. ‘Purple Fiction’ is a shade that i absolute love wearing, i think the first time i bought something that colour was like 5 years ago when i bought a No7 nail polish, ever since then I’ve been in love with polishes with a dark purple sheen. These two shades usually get more use later on in the year but now I’ve written about them i think over the next few weeks you’ll find me wearing them.


What is your favourite brand of nail polish?


2 thoughts on “Nail polish collection// China Glaze

  1. Wow you have an impressive collection here with some lovely colours. I am currently using some from Essence, they are the only ones that last on my nails for more than 3 days so I am really pleased with them! x



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