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Trying out colour correction

Most of us have dark circles under our eyes, some maybe darker than others. While speaking to my friend one day she asked me if i’d write a post on how to get rid of them. I know there is no way of getting rid of them completely but i thought a bit of colour correction might help lighten them and brighten the eye area up. I’ve never tried colour correcting before and have always been dubious about whether it works or not but thought what harm could it do to try.

I actually struggled to find many colour correcting products, i knew i wanted a palette instead of separate products and the only one i found in store was the Barry M one.


My first attempt was a bit of a fail especially on my part, i put the coral under my eye area ( which it says to do) and soon found out that that was way to dark for me as my dark circles aren’t that bad, so then i decided to try the purple as that is for brightening a dull complexion, it actually did help a little to brighten my eye area up. I used the green also to cover any red patches and spots i had and that too worked really well for me. These would work really well under a BB cream or foundation and concealer.

Before, during and after

This palette was extremely easy to work with, the creamy consistency blended into the skin really well and on the back of the palette it tells you what each colour is used for if you’re unsure. It was also a real bargain to compared to other colour correction products i have seen.  I definitely recommend you try colour correction, so easy and quick to do and helps give you a really even complexion.

What colour correction products have you used?


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