Primark haul

After seeing so many nice things posted on Primark’s twitter page and seeing what other people have bought, i just had to head to my nearest Primark store and have a little mooch. Now i dont know whether it was just me or the fact that there wasn’t too much stuff in my nearest store that i didn’t actually pick up or find a great deal of stuff…. i really wanted to refresh my wardrobe.. maybe another visit to another store though soon?!

I still thought though that i’d share with you what i did manage to get:


I got these two shirts in a white and khaki colour to replace some scruffy shirts for work. You can’t really go wrong with something like that, basic but still quite smart. I might even decide to wear the white one with some Joni jeans this Spring instead. I’ve had the khaki one before and loved it, before i managed to rip a hole into it 😦


Something just attracted me to this white printed shirt, i love the sleeves they are 3/4 length and have little knots/bows at the end which look really cute. Then i went a little adventurous i say adventurous but it’s not really, although for me it is quite adventurous ( how many times can i fit adventurous into one sentence… a lot) i’m not really one for a bright print shall we say, but i love the cute multicoloured birds on this sleeveless shirt. I thought it would look perfect for Spring and even transitioning into Summer.


Of course i had to get this jumper… it is everywhere after all, you’ll always find me counting down the days, hours , minutes to the weekend so this fits me down to a t. I love the colour too, and it was a total steal… i wish i picked up more of the designs. This stripy top was straight in my basket, you cant really go wrong with a stripy tee, I’ve actually already worn this and it’s so comfy, i wish i’d of picked some more of these up too. They’re so easy to style up but also super casual.



How cute is this jumper from the lounge wear range? Another one I’ve already worn and is really comfy and cosy without being to thick, perfect for this time of year if your just lounging around the house. You can’t go to Primark without picking up some pj’s. I love everything about this pair, the colour, the flowery pattern on the pocket, the edge of the sleeves and on the bottoms, also the cute lace detailing by the pockets on the bottoms… oh my god I’ve just realised they have pockets! Yes!! Winner !!! Pockets make me super happy. I love the pop of pink of the bow too.



The past few weeks its been getting sunny and I’ve been in desperate need for some sunglasses, so i picked up these two. The first pair are something i tend to go for more often than not, brown, big, simple. But the second pair was a bit of a gamble, i wasn’t sure i would be able to pull them off  but for a pound  yeah you read that right a pound i had to have them.

What have you bought from Primark recently?


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