Have i achieved any of my New Years goals?

FB9B35E5-55E1-4E89-A2DB-F2A778743101 (1)Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve just either been doing things with family or not really felt like writing. But i’m back now… Hey! How have you all been?

As we are at the end of April already i thought it would be a good idea to see how far I’ve come with achieving my New Years goals.

Out of the 13 goals i wrote down here: My New years resolutions i think I’ve achieved 4 and a half of them. The half being to be more organised. I kind of have been a bit more organised in blogging by getting some post ideas written down and started but in my day to day life I’ve lacked any kind of organisation.

The other 4:

Planning posts:- (which kind of came under the be organised goal) I have quite a few ideas written down for future posts that i hope you will enjoy, and have started to accumulate things for posts aswell.

Get my life back on track:- This year i wanted to take a bit more of me time and i’ve certainly done that. Although mainly it has been just having some chill time watching new Netflix series…. Oh my god have you watched Shadow Hunters? Jace though? come on guys he’s so hot!! My cousin is mainly to blame for this new obsession… can’t wait for series 3 in June.. EEEkkkkk!!

Get my skincare regime back on track:- I did have a bit of a rocky period for just a couple of weeks recently where i headed for my face wipes, but now i’m back to it again and my skin has thanked me so much. it really is amazing how just looking after your skin can make you feel.

Spending time off social media:- Mainly i just switched off from Twitter. It is nice to have a break now and then, you soon realise how much time you actually use it  and it’s kind of scary. I could be on my phone for hours a day just scrolling through Twitter.

I do need to work on these goals more. A lot of these involve money and saving which will take time but i’m in no real rush and will just be taking things at my own pace. Even if come the end of the year i haven’t achieved any more i will still be perfectly happy.

  • Make my site visually pleasing
  • Take better blog pictures
  • Invest in a decent camera
  • Save up for a deposit on a house
  • Save up for a holiday
  • Day trips out with Kristopher and friends
  • Weekends away
  • Read more

Have you stuck to any of your New Year resolutions?


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