Spring Favourites

Instead of doing a monthly favourites post I’ve decided to do a seasonal favourites.


Some of my Spring favourites have been:

Sure Tropical deodorant – As a teenager i always remember my mum wearing Sure deodorant and i know i was never really a lover. Up until my twenties i was a big fan of using Soft and Gentle i think it was the pink one? i always used to wear. Then i moved on to Nivea but now in the past year or so I’ve started using and loving Sure deodorants, if i use anything else it feels weird, like it doesn’t freshen my underarms as well.

Mark Hill Extreme root lift – Being someone who has flat lifeless hair i’m always on the lookout for products that will give my hair some oooomph. I saw this on offer in Boots one day and thought i’d give it a go. My god it’s amazing, it lifts my roots so much and smells really nice too… bonus! All’s you need is a couple of sprays under your roots on wet hair, pair this with a round brush and you’ll have really full looking hair.

Estee Lauder daywear Advanced multi-protection anti-oxidant creme – For Christmas my boyfriend got me this little Estee Lauder mini skin care set and in it was a mini version of this moisturiser. I instantly loved it the moment i tried it and after finishing the mini version i new i had to go out and purchase the full size. This year i’ll be 26 and i’m already starting to notice some wrinkles appearing and this is helping to keep them from deepening.

The Body Shop Shea Butter lip balm – I’m not usually a fan of pot lip balms, you’ll normally find me buying the stick versions but as i got this in my beauty calendar at Christmas i thought i would try it and make use of it. I actually really love it, it smells really nice and leaves your lips soft and nourished. Perfect for using when your spending the day at home which is when i tend to use it most. It has helped my lips soooo much recently and given them the hydration that they’ve needed.

Bourjois rouge edition velvet  (Don’t Pink of it) – For some time I’ve been after a pinky- neutrally shade of lipstick. Whilst in Superdrug a couple of weeks ago swatching some colours my sister came across this for me and as soon as she showed me i was like yep, that’s the one! that’s the shade I’ve been after for months. It is a liquid lipstick and it does dry out your lips but as long as you keep on top of things and keep applying lip balm your fine. The shade is just gorgeous, works well with pretty much anything and is perfect for Spring when you just want to add a hint of pink to your lips.


What products have you been loving this Spring?


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