Summer ready feet

As if we’re in July already! My birthday month. Wooooo!!

With the warmer weather comes the open toed shoes which means we’ve got to start taking care of our feet. No more chipped nail polish or cracked heels.


3 steps i take to ensure my feet are Summer ready are:

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more. Soap and Glory heel genius is a perfect budget friendly foot cream that leaves your feet nourished and feeling refreshed. Smells really good too, so fresh and clean.


Trimmed down, and filed nails always make such a massive difference in my opinion, just don’t clip too much off otherwise your feet will look all dumpy (well mine do anyway).

Finally a good paint. I’m the kind of person that usually wears red on my toenails, but in the Summer months i dig out the bright pinks, corals and oranges to spruce things up a bit.  Make sure you use a base and top coat to ensure your nail polish lasts longer. Something as simple as painting your nails can seriously change the way your outfit may look and really takes no time at all.



What steps do you take to ensure your feet are Summer ready?


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