Transitioning to Autumn make up

BCF398CC-6184-44D9-924E-FC46AFB3B16FI feel like every man and his dog are writing about the change in their make up now Autumn is here. But for me my make up bag hasn’t really changed all that much. I’m still loving using my Narsissist and Nyx warm neutrals palettes which both are quite Autumnal looking palettes, with warm Browns and burnt Orangey shades. I’ve also very recently started wearing my Mac eye liner again which paired with the colours in these two palettes looks amazing btw. I’ve also started to experiment more with the looks i can create using these two eye shadow palettes and i’m having so much fun just having a play around.


One thing i have been changing up a bit is my lips. Everyone out there knows that with Autumn comes the Berry/Purple lips and i’ve made no exception. About 2 months or so ago i made a cheeky little order on Kiko when they had a sale and picked up this gorgeous berry colour lipstick, this is what i’ve been heading to most. The only thing i’m not keen on with this lipstick is it tends to smudge so easily, which isn’t great. The other purple lip product i’ve been reaching for is this recent purchase of a Younique Splash liquid lipstick in the shade sentimental. I actually really like this, it’s quite a toned down purple and it lasts really well on the lips. I also got this when it was on offer from a friend of mine who is a Younique presenter  this is her facebook page if you’d like to have a nose about. I have been struggling with purple lip liners, can anyone recommend any really good ones with a variety of different shades of purple.


What’s in your Autumn make up bag?


2 thoughts on “Transitioning to Autumn make up

  1. I love autumn it is my Favorite time of year! The colors you have gone for i really like!
    Thank you for the great review of the lip splash!
    I do have some lip liners if you wanted to check them out.

    What is your favorite look so far?
    I my self have started to try the cut crease look using a very dark transition sometimes it works really well.


    1. I love it. Not a problem I love wearing it. Oooo yes I might just have to.
      Erm not really tried anything specific just having a play about with the colours and just looking on Pinterest at looks. Oh wow, I might have to try that, with a bit of winged liner aswell 👌🏻


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