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5 Things to do this December


When December comes round we all seem to be too busy getting things done and organised ready for the big day, but we don’t really spend any time actually doing Christmas activities…. i know i don’t anyway. Here are a list of 5 things to do in December to help you feel festive.

  1. Visit the Christmas markets. You can have a lovely day out at the markets and get some Christmas shopping done at the same time too. They look super festive especially at night when lit up with fairy lights. One thing i’ll always remember about the markets is the amazing smells, from mulled wine to the frankfurters… yum.
  2. Ice skating. Even if your like Bambi on ice ice skating can be quite fun. Wrap yourself up in something cosy, get yourself down to your nearest ice rink, grab a hot chocolate and then skate until your hearts content .
  3. Baking. Nothing quite says Christmas like some warm gingerbread cooking in the oven and it’s something you can get the kids involved in to.
  4. Drive around to look at the Christmas lights. Cosy’s on and Christmas music playing in the car, there is something quite magical about driving around looking at all the pretty Christmas lights.
  5. Spending time with family, whether it be watching Christmas films or playing games, family time is one of the most important things about Christmas.


What do you do over the Christmas period?


2 thoughts on “5 Things to do this December

  1. Couldn’t agree wit your choices more! And I’ve already completed the first 3 on the list! Can’t wait to go back home and spend time with my family x


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