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Christmas Candle Haul

Last year i was really into buying large candles which took forever to burn out, which is a good thing. But this year i really wanted lots more smaller candles which are a lot more easier to place around our small apartment. As soon as the Christmas stuff started coming out in the shops i kept my eye out and found these 4 beauty’s.


This gold candle i actually picked up from BandQ for £5. It doesn’t say what kind f scent it is, but it’s definitely your typical Christmas Cinnamon and spice scent and i love it. We are having a gold theme for the decs for our apartment this year and this will fit in perfectly.


A candle scent that i don’t usually go for, but was really drawn to was this spruce fir scented candle that i picked up from Home Scense. I loved how rustic and for me how unusual it was. One of my favorite things about it is how pretty and unique the cut out tree is on the lid.



Another Home Sense find was this Vanilla Sugar scented candle. Now this is definitely up my street, this is something i would normally choose and even use all year round. A lot smaller than the other candles but i had to have it to fit in with my gold theme again. It was also a total bargain at £2.99. If you haven’t been before which i’m sure most of you will have, definitely go check out the candles in Home Sense they sell tons of different scents suitable for all tastes.


Finally my absolute favorite of the bunch is this Frosted apple and spice candle i picked up from Marks and Spencer. I’ve been dying to get it out since i bought it. The perfect Christmas scent in my eyes. A little sweet but also with that traditional Christmas spiced scent. This was the most expensive out of the lot at £7.50 but so worth it, and actually not that expensive compared to Yankee Candle candles.


What’s your favorite Christmas scent?



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