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Christmas Spirit

As we get older the less magical it feels at Christmas. As soon as we stop believing  then Christmas just doesn’t feel the same.


In order to make Christmas feel magical again i asked about among family and friends as to what Christmas means to them and found out that spending time with family and friends is what’s most important to us. So why don’t we make more time for it throughout December?! I’ve also tried to take myself back to my childhood to remember what i used to love about Christmas, and besides walking down the stairs Christmas morning knowing that ‘he’d been’ and seeing all the presents in our sacks and under the tree, it was actually knowing that i’d get to spend the whole day and upcoming days with loved ones. I remember we always used to get to take one present out with us after Christmas day when visiting family and i used to love just showing everyone what we’d got.

I’ve put together a little list of things we could do to make us get into the Christmas Spirit.

  1. Invite your family/friends over stick a Christmas film on like The Polar Express and wrap your presents together with a tin of chocolates and a hot drink at your sides what more could you possibly want?
  2. Remember Christmas isn’t about receiving, maybe start a secret Santa amongst your friends or family. I love being surprised, it takes me back to my childhood not knowing what Santa had got me. Or do a good deed. This year i made a shoe box. Remember that thing that you used to do at school at Christmas time where you filled a shoe box full of things children might need, that made me feel pretty great. I know one box isn’t going to change the world but that one box would make a child’s Christmas.
  3. i’m not a religious person but one thing that made me feel Christmassy and that something i don’t do myself any more is go to Church and sing Christmas Carols. There is something quite magical in itself  with this and the atmosphere is amazing.
  4. Take time out. Don’t work yourself ragged over the Christmas period trying to save up your money to buy for everyone on your list. Remember presents aren’t everything, time spent is much more important to people.

Do you have any tips on getting into the Christmas Spirit?


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