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Winter evening pamper routine

On those cold nights there is nothing more perfect than lighting some candles and giving yourself a little pamper. Christmas songs or films on in the background, with the lights lit on your tree and your atmosphere is sorted.

Run yourself a nice hot bubble bath and pop in your favourite bath bomb. Whilst the bath is running i like to take the time to cleanse my face and take off all my make up. One thing i like to use while in the bath use is a sugar scrub, the one i’m using at the moment is the Zoella pretty polished scrub, it smells pretty darn good. Another thing that makes me feel good is making sure i shave my legs. Every Winter they tend to get very neglected.


Once bathed, then comes the moisturiser and who doesn’t love to use Soap and Glory’s The Righteous butter, it honestly smells amazing and is so nourishing on these cold Winter nights. Then it’s time for your comfy pj’s (one of the best bits in my eyes).

Nothing says pamper night than putting on a face, at the moment i’m using this Avon clear skin pore penetrating black mineral mask and i love it, i am running out though, so anyone have any recommendations for a really good detoxifying face mask?


Whilst the face mask is on it’s time to start the mani/pedi routine using your favourite Winter nail polish and don’t forget to use a very nourishing hand and foot cream, we can’t have them drying out.

What’s involved in your pamper routine?


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