Gifts under £15

Sticking with the budget kind of theme from yesterday’s blog post, i’ve put together a gift guide with gifts under £15, with a mix again for men and women.

Know someone who is into there milkshakes? This cute little milkshake gift was from New Look, i picked it up for £15. I love the idea of this, you get like a Sundae glass with a spoon, some milkshake mix, popcorn, marshmallows and sprinkles. After you’ve used up the ingredients in the set yo could also make your own.


I love Zoella’s products and when she brought out her Snow’ella collection i knew i had to pick something up for someone. As soon as i saw this body mist i had to get it, how adorable does it look with the white pom pom at the side? It smells amazing too, i also believe it’s been on offer i want to say in Superdrug for £8. So if you know of a Zoella fan there is a wide range of products like this you could gift to them.

For the men. When placing an Marks and Spencer order in November i saw this cute little Christmas themed shower trio. My boyfriend loves the toiletries from M and S so i knew that i just had to pick this up for him. At £9.50 it’s a cute little gift for the men in your life.


A couple of years back i bought my dad a painting by Salvador Dali, he loves his work and already has one of his books, so to add to his collection i picked him up this book, with pictures of loads of other paintings hes done and bits of text, i’m going to be honest i don’t know what the text is about, but for £9.99 and for someone that is really hard to buy for i couldn’t leave this behind.


Finally this Nuxe Cracker another purchase from Marks and Spencer a cheaper way too add a bit of Luxury into the lives of the women you know, whether it be your mum, sister, grandma, auntie or friends this little beauty was a total bargain at £10. You get three travel size products, a Micellar cleansing water, a moisturiser and a shimmering dry oil.

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