Christmas Traditions


A lot of families have so many Christmas traditions ranging from matching Christmas pj’s to watching a certain Christmas film on Christmas Eve. Even though i no longer live with my parents there are just a few that I’ve kept up with.

Chocolate Advent Calendar – Even though I’m now 26 i still have to have a chocolate advent calendar, Christmas just isn’t the same without one. We always used to get a Cadbury one, and although i love Cadbury chocolate the one i reach for now I’m older is a Thornton’s one, mainly because of how Christmassy the design always is.  As I’ve got older I’ve also started to get myself a Beauty Advent calendar which is a good idea if you want to try out different beauty/skincare products. This year i have the M and S one and i absolutely love it.

New pj’s to wear every Christmas Eve night. This is something that has seriously stuck with me, i remember as a child me and my sister were always wearing matching one’s there are countless home videos to show it too. New pj’s are always something i look forward to snuggling into. Primark has probably become my shop of choice for them.

Dressing up on Christmas day. A lot of people like to stay in there pj’s all day or wear a Christmas jumper, something my mum has always done is dressed me, my sister and brother up quite smartly. I love making a bit more of an effort with myself and being able to try out some of my new Christmas presents when getting ready each Christmas morning.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?


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